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The following posters were designed at different points throughout my design education — from high school to the final year of my undergraduate program. Those marked with an asterisk * were produced and circulated.

Hi This Is Flume
Oct. 2019

Concept poster created for introductory graphic design course. The poster was intended to promote Flume's performance at Lollapalooza in 2019. It is inspired by the visual language and sound of the electronic artist’s mixtape project “Hi This Is Flume.”

Takeover *
Feb. 2020

Printed to promote an art exhibition featuring the work of all first-year students in the School of Art & Design at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The event was canceled at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hex Alphabet
Nov. 2020

Concept poster created to showcase typographic exploration. The display font was created using a tiling of hexagons. The regular hexagon is one of only three shapes that can form regular tessellations.

Radium Girls *
Oct. 2018

Winning design in contest for a poster to promote the Whitney M. Young Magnet High School production of D.W. Gregory’s “Radium Girls.” The Radium Girls were female factory workers who contracted radiation poisoning from painting watch dials with self-luminous paint.

Activity Tracking
Sept. 2022
Poster created to visualize daily routine. Click to view the PDF in a new tab.